John Eden


My art is a culmination of my life experiences of growing up in Southern California, serving in the U.S. Air Force during the Viet Nam War, a sojourn to Hiroshima’s Peace Museum after Graduate school and the transformative experience with Bay Area artist: Jay DeFeo’s monumental “Rose” at the San Francisco Art Institute, which now hangs permanently at the Whitney Museum. As a film student-janitor, I was tasked to clean up daily the McMillian Conference Room—where DeFoe’s monolithic painting hung. My experience of being in close proximity to it, redirected my interests in the arts and set me on what has turned out to be a lifetime of exploring the boundaries of abstraction.

My parabolic discs have their structural origins via Robert Delaunay’s early Twentieth Century circular (“Premier Disque”) form, Vladimir Tatlin’s 1944 theatrical moon discs and not just with the ubiquitous Light and Space discs by Robert Irwin.

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