Patrick Hasson


Self-taught painter Patrick Hasson employs an unconventional style he’s termed as ‘Dripping.’ Never utilizing a brush, Hasson lies his canvas horizontally and drips/pours paint down onto it; manipulating the paint with nails and various sharp objects to create motion and dimension in a technique that falls somewhere between Jackson Pollock’s action painting and Van Gogh’s impasto. Obsessed and extremely particular with color, Hasson uses only six custom colors in his paintings, mostly on black canvases. He is currently engaged in a retrospective entitled DESERT DUDES, a series of surreal portraits featuring the more notable musicians (Brant Bjork, Josh Homme, Mario Lalli, et al.) who created ‘Desert Rock,’ often recording at the world-famous Rancho De La Luna recording studio in Joshua Tree, CA. Hasson’s work is also on display at his ‘livable art’ retreats, Rancho De Colores and the Color Trip Trailer, both in Joshua Tree, CA.

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