JT Voice: The Light In The Lens Of Gordon Clark

JT Voice: The Light In The Lens Of Gordon Clark

When you meet Gordon Clark, nothing about his demeanor lends itself to a man who has photographed and filmed war, not just from the war zone, but in the very heart of it. His ease in his own skin is contagious but deceiving. A consummate observer and listener, Clark is an analyst of the human experience. Clark commits himself into the heart of such things.

When filmmaker, photographer, and master storyteller Gordon Clark finds a subject matter, he immerses himself in it, not just or the day or a season, but for years at a time.

Clark started his career as a director of commercials for television and cinema, shooting close to 500 in a 14-year period. After the gloss of the commercial world began to wear, his desire to reconnect to his moral fiber challenged him, bringing him to the space in which he now likes to live and work. Logistically speaking, that currently brings him to Joshua Tree.

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