Carrie Ann Plank


“My work deals with visual portrayals of information systems: specifically how principal and equation can be visually rendered and how this translation impacts the comprehension of data. I work with many layers of data visualization, from charting to mathematical equations to scientific principles. Mapping, numerical sequences, fractals, wave patterns, sound sources, magnetic field variations and other systems of scientific observation, overlay one another to create a pastiche of information visualization. I’m interested in the resulting noise of these visual systems, be it organically or theoretically derived, and how they interact.

Plank’s work is included in many collections including the Fine Art Archives of the Library of Congress, Fine Art Museums of San Francisco and the Guanlan Print Art Museum in China. Recent and upcoming solo shows include Themes + Projects in San Francisco, Bryant Street Gallery in Palo Alto, DZINE Gallery in San Francisco, and Local Language in Oakland.”

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - October 26 - Carrie Ann Plank attends X Materia at DZINE Showroom on October 26th 2018 at DZINE Showroom in SAN FRANCISCO, CA (Photo - Natalie Schrik for Drew Altizer Photography)

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