Exhibition — DESERT ICONS

AUG 25 - OCT 21 | 2018

Yucca Valley Art Gallery’s second large exhibition, DESERT ICONS, centers around how artists reflect upon their experience in the desert—their observation of its beauty and influence. The collective works from thirty-six esteemed and renowned Hi-Desert artists span many mediums and a broad spectrum—from direct representation, to abstraction, and everything in-between. The new exhibition may push the edge at times, forcing one to think about what one may consider an “icon” of the desert.

The new DESERT ICONS exhibition features paintings by artists Snake Jagger, Diane Best, Ernie Gonzales, David Bottoms, Chuck Caplinger, Bill Copeland, Maryrose Crook, Geroganne Deen, Amritakripa Watts-Robb, Paul Donaldson, Gregg Ross, Jeff Lipschutz, and Marcia Geiger; photography by Dan Barlett, Timothy Hearsum, Jeanne Talbot, Bill Leigh Brewer, Sant Khalsa, Brian Leatart, Doug Dolde, Paul Morehead; and multi-media works by Rossana Jeran, Bill Green, John Henson, Kate McCabe, Tony Milici, Thryza Segal, Frederick Fulmer, Sherri Sullivan, Jean-Pierre Boccara, Steffi Sutton, Barbara Spiller, Jacobine van Der Meer, Cat Celebrezze, Kevan Yenter and Wendy Gadzuk.

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Over 800 art aficionados and enthusiasts came to celebrate the opening of DESERT ICONS—an exhibition that is already garnering national attention and taking the art world by storm.  The Hi-Desert Cultural Center wishes to thank its incredible artists, community, staff, and volunteers for their extraordinary talents and contributions!

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